An African inventor has successfully invented an improvement in propellers for airplanes, helicopter, multiple rotor crafts (drones) and marine vessels.

The propeller designs makes less swishing noise than conventional models when in motion. It can also function as a fixed wing of airplanes and submarines.

Presently, I'm located in The Gambia, West Africa and seeking for collaborators/sponsors/manufacturers in USA who could assist in utility patent application at USPTO, manufacturing and marketing of the product.

It has been very efficient in producing stealthy electric fans when functional. Utility Model patent application is being processed at the Gambia Intellectual Property Office, Gambia, West Africa. Kindly enlighten me as to how to raise funds for my invention after it has been filed in The Gambia.

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Check out Sharing Independent scientific test results would help a lot too.

Have you got any videos showing regular props against the new prop ?

At the risk of "letting the cat out of the bag", can you show us some of your design work models?  

Since your patent application has been filed, this shouldn't be a problem, should it?

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