Here is my new quadcopter. The max dimension is 185 mm (tip to tip).




The video from the first outdoor flight is shown here:

Some details:

- weight 170 gramm
- propeller AirAce 3-blade left/right, motor Hacker A10/12S
- ESC Turnigy 6A (not modified = PPM)
- 2 cells LiPo 740mAh, flight time is about 6 minutes
- RC-control via a single Spektrum - DX7-satellite-receiver
- ATMEGA328 in the new 20 x 30 mm big "Tumba-Control"
- 3 x ADXRS610 + 2 x ADXL322 from Sparkfun in an 17 mm IMU-cube
- software is own development based on Arduino, source code is about 8kbyte
- closed loop frequence about 400 Hz
- use of axis - (de)coupling via rotary matrix / quaternion

The carbon - balsa design is very stiff. In the "Tumba-Control", based on a ATMEGA328, are: 6 low pass filter for the sensors, the UART is connected to the 2.4 Ghz-satellite-receiver, then the are the 4 PPM-pins to the 4 ESC. And there is the 3.3V (2.4 Ghz-satellite-receiver) and 5 V supply. The aim was to design a quadcopter platform with a minimal dimension.

Best regards Tumba

Here some more pictures:





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  • do you sale this copter ?

  • 3D Robotics
    Amazing! This was worth a full blog post, BTW. Don't be shy--you've done terrific work that deserves the biggest audience.
  • how to use this satellite reciever?

    would be great if you could share that part of your code ;-)


    anyways great work, just found that on the MK-Forums ;-)

  • Moderator
    I just stumbled upon your creation while browsing Google for parts. Very nice concept! How is it holding up? Do you fly it much?  (you should make this a blog post  :)    )
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