new style 3DR 850kv motors?


I'm very curious if there are any mechanical differences between the old 3DR 850kv motors (with the bullet prop adapters) vs the new 850kv's with the new style prop adapter. I'm worried about mixing the two motor types, which seems like a very bad idea if they are different - but would mean if I need a new motor, 6 will need to be purchased.

Has anyone used the new ones, or even further, have done any comparisons? maybe someone from 3DR can chime in?


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  • so i decided to switch over to the new prop adapters.. oddly enough the small plastic ring that came with the APC props are too small, it will not fit no matter what. The bigger plastic ring is a bit too big and has some space (does not go onto the prop adapter snugly like the old one did). is this normal? anyone else using these?

    I use the bigger plastic rings and tried to center the prop by eye. I hope this is ok.

  • I have a Quad C with the old style motors, one of which died.

    I bought a new motor, and when I started attaching it to the body, I noticed it was sitting about 1/8" lower than the other three, which would definitely screw up my flight dynamics. I sent an email to 3DR tech support and they essentially told me I was SOL and had to buy three new motors! It's fairly ridiculous to throw out 3 perfectly good motors because of a design flaw.

    Just a heads up: if you have old style motors and a single one dies, just replace ALL of them and forgo the hassle. Remember that we are all self-funded beta testers here. Suck it up!

  • does anyone know why they changed the prop adapters?  

  • here's a link to them

    Richard - could probably just go to a 4S?
  • Where have you seen these new motors?

  • T3
    If I had to buy 6 new motors I'd go with the 880 motors. I need a bit more power.
  • i'm curious about this as well since i'm needing to buy a replacement motor. would prefer to buy 1 rather than 4.

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