Hi everyone, thanks in advance for reading my note here. I did do my best to read all the docs but could not find exactly what I was looking for - am hoping you much more experienced drone fliers could help a noob here...

I bought my excellent hexacopter from USR just over a week ago and have gotten the various additional parts (radio, batteries) together to fly it.  Today I finished my ESC calibration and, being a coder, habitually updated to the most recent firmware (eg 2.8.1 to 2.9.1...).  Hm.  I then realized this involves some uh, recalibration, and did my best on that.  Carefully calibrated the accelerometer as in the ArduCopter 2.9.1 instructions on this forum.  And redid it a couple times to be sure... but I don't think that's it.  Have not yet added vibration dampening, since I just got the USR drone and need to get more parts to make room for foam (could the lack of foam be leading to my symptoms below..?)  I checked my PID values in the ArduCopter Config - they were as shown in the 2.9.1 instructions.

So when I carefully throttle up - as soon as the hexacopter lifts off it goes into a mad spin - either to the left or to the right.  The yaw control does seem to have some effect - I can make it spin right or left.  And it seems like it wants to start spinning faster and faster before I throttle down.

I was thinking to try to tweak the stabilize yaw value - but not sure what value to try and also, seems like the problem could be larger than this..?

Or am I missing something on resetting the gyros before flight ..? or ..?

I'd greatly appreciate any thoughts you might have on this... thanks again for your help and I hope to someday repay the favor.


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If anyone could even point me in the right direction here I would be quite grateful... I'm at a loss and would love to get this copter in the air... thank you!

Hi Quinn,

How bad is the vibration on your setup? Did you balance the props? Are your motor shafts aligned vertically and such? Hang in there, you'll figure it out. Hopefully it'll just be one of those simple little omissions we all make from time to time.

Tim, thanks for your reply.  Drone flies and it flies level when it's up - just spins like crazy.

I'm trying to get a reply from 3DR to get parts so that I can add foam.  No reply from them yet. Will try that.  I will go and balance the props again - don't know if my motor shafts are vertically aligned but they should be, just bought the copter and everything is tight.  I will see if I can check them with a digital level.

Thanks much for the help.


You might have one or more motors with the wrong prop (pusher or puller) and motors that are spinning in the wrong direction. When this is the case it is almost always not possible to fly at all, but if it is just a matter of the wrong direction of rotation then it might be possible to produce what you are seeing. Have you checked motor direction and prop type carefully?

Hi Michael, thanks for your reply.  I checked the rotation very carefully and also ran the setup -> motors commands in the console to be certain it was working correctly.  The copter does fly.  Just spins like crazy to the right or left - which I can control, but the spinning is insanely fast.  Seems like something might be wrong with the sensors...?  

I am working on mounting the APM on foam-  but the symptoms don't seem to match that problem.  Perhaps... need to get parts from 3DR to make this happen I think.

Does your magnetometer work?

It seems to.  I connect it via USB or telemetry and I see it pointing the right direction.  And all the gauges - eg pitch, yaw and roll - appear to work fine.  And center to nearly perfectly level when the device is level.

This is goofy, but are you sure you installed the hexa firmware?

absolutely... I also made sure that I was in the "X" config.  I think the setup -> motors commands in console help me verify the hexa config yes?  It seems that that is all working.

Is there a console command to verify the hexa / X config?  

Thanks much!


Please post a picture of your hexa so we can see the props. Thanks!

Will do this in about 60 minutes when I am back home - thank you very much for that thought.

Ok, here is a picture of the propeller config... thanks for checking it out.


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