New to this type of stuff, kind of stumbled across you guys by accident but was hoping you could help me out with something.

I ran across a site that sold a board that contained GPS, 3 axis gyro. 6deg accelerometer and several other features....can't seem to find that site again. They specialized in UAV equip and the cost was about 400 bucks (398 if I remember correctly. Any ideas?

I just happen to run across it looking for 3 axis gyros...thought that I saved the link but guess not

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Hi. Not sure if it could be the Range Vision OSD. They are not in UAV, but in immersive video systems. The url is following for checking out:
Thanks for the link. Not the one I'm looking for but could be useful for other projects. This was an autonav system that was specifically geared for the DIY UAV/drones. Found it by accident when looking up 3axis gyros which led me to analog devises that led me to this and other pages.

I haven't had time to go look at much but from what I've seen the price may have been a decimal off (3985.00) which sounds more realistic for what the features were. But who knows, When I find it again I'll post the link.

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