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Sean commented on iangl's blog post Found cheapest-ever LIDAR! Seems great for UAV use!
"I know it's an old thread...just want to see if there is anyone working with this system or something updated/upgraded."
Dec 22, 2015
Sean replied to Amit Ruparel's discussion Building an RC Heli
"you need to study the mechanics of how a helicopter flies in order to answer that question. Yes, it's possible to do this with a tandem, counter rotor and fixed pitch systems but much more complicated when you get into collective pitch birds.…"
Nov 9, 2010
Sean commented on iangl's blog post Hydrogen fuel for Long endurance UAVs
"I can see where that has some potential use in amature UAV but I need one with significiant more power. Need to be able to deliver 3-5KW continuous and 9KW burst for 30 sec. We'll get there in a few years..."
Nov 9, 2010
Sean posted a discussion
Hi all.I have a project for the UAV guys with onboard video here in and around the Houston, Texas area. I recently lost my RC helicopter in an area of abut 600 acres in the Katy area. What I'm wanting to do is do a pattern flyover in the area to see…
Feb 18, 2009
Sean replied to automatik's discussion Which Transmitter to get? DX7 - Airtoenics - Futaba 7C?
"What is it you're looking for. If dirt cheap is the key and you don't have to worry about RF interference then go with an FM TX.

I have a DX7 and love it. Got it 2 years ago and wouldn't look back. Futaba may be a bit better though as they use a…"
Jan 15, 2009
Sean posted a discussion
New to this type of stuff, kind of stumbled across you guys by accident but was hoping you could help me out with something.I ran across a site that sold a board that contained GPS, 3 axis gyro. 6deg accelerometer and several other features....can't…
Jan 12, 2009