Hydrogen fuel for Long endurance UAVs

They did it. AEROPAK is a UAV specific powering solution. It runs just on water (hydrogen fuel) and delivers lots and lots of electricity.


This product has unbeliavable charateristics compared to our primitive battery packs, allowing looong flight times. I discovered it today, and am waiting for a quote from Horizon Energy Systems. They also sell a complete hydrogen power ssolution for RC cars.

New horizons for us! Enjoy
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  • How many of us can handle a 4.5 lb battery that puts out up to 10A continuous?
  • I can see where that has some potential use in amature UAV but I need one with significiant more power. Need to be able to deliver 3-5KW continuous and 9KW burst for 30 sec. We'll get there in a few years...
  • Interesting...
    But internal combustion engine is still the best solution for a lot of applications.
    Combining internal combustion engine, and LiPo battery for silent flights might a very good altenative.
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