[Newbie] Stabilize mode question

Hi all,

I've completed a quad build using a pixhawk for flight control and have a question.

The user documentation recommends that new pilots should learn to fly in Stabilize mode prior to trying other modes so enjoyed my inaugural lift-off the other day entirely in Stabilize.  

I noticed that, as I raised the throttle for take-off, the quad would slightly lean in a random direction just before it had enough lift to actually leave the ground.  The direction of the lean was not consistent but, once in the air, the vehicle was stable.  Is this normal for first flights?

Once in the air, the quad was stable and accurately reflected my commands to move direction.  It would only gently drift based on prevailing breeze.  However I had trouble in keeping a level altitude.  I spent my entire flight either gently raising or lowering throttle as it seemed one 'click' was enough to keep it rising and one 'click' lower would gently lower the vehicle.  

I couldn't find an exact mid-point where it would hold its altitude which seems to be a different experience to videos I see on Youtube.

Is this behavior normal and I'm just comparing a novice pilot with experienced ones or have I missed an important tuning step?

Many thanks!

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    Sounds like you have a transmitter that is configured for airplanes and has a racketed throttle. You should be using a helicopter transmitter, the throttle is not ratcheted. Your options are to try and remove the ratchet or get another transmitter. I had the same problem. Even with the correct transmitter you have to manually work the throttle to maintain altitude. After you learn to fly in stabilize mode, you can try altitude hold. Make sure you can fly really well in stabile mode, you will need to be able to recover and fly manual when things go wrong. And they will go wrong. Good luck and fly safely.
  • Mark,

    Thanks for the response and suggestion on launch speed.  It's a foreign skill for me so I'm probably being a little conservative with the throttle up.  And I can confirm the ESC's are all calibrated.

    Thanks again.

  • Its fairly normal, try to get of the ground a little quicker after arming and you'll probably see less movement on takeoff.

    ESC's are calibrated I hope

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