Newby Question: Parts needed?

First of all: hey all, I'm the new one...

Even me being a RC-Pilot for more than 20 years now, autopilot/guided flying is new for me, so please be patient...


I have cross-readed the manuals and the forum, but there is still one - quite basic question left:

What are the minimum requirements to stabilize a fixed-wing aircraft with the ArduPilot Mega?

I do need some gyro/magneto sensors, that's clear. But for the Mega Board, is there anything other useful (3rd party, maybe) than the IMU oilpan?


Thanks in advance


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    If you just want to stabilise your aircraft, you should just get a full Ardupilot Mega kit, but there are other autopilots available such gluonpilot.  But I dont mean to confuse you with extra options.  Basically if you go the Ardupilot setup you will need to get the main Ardupilot board, the IMU, and a GPS.  This will not only keep your wings level but allow you to plan missions and fly to waypoints.  And then if you want you can use your board to fly a quadcopter, so it is very versatile


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    Hi Marc,


    I think that you would be well advised to start with the APM kit, this will include all the items you need to get up and running, I have the kits in stock at this time, both pre-soldered and in kit form, if you wanted to stop by and take a look at the kits I have placed a link to my store below and a link to the APM's, my store is based in the UK so shipping to you would only be a few working days.



    If you have any questions please feel to contact me.






  • Hi Marc,

    The oilpan and GPS will shift a basic fixed wing aircraft around the sky very nicely.

    Depending on aircraft type, weather conditions etc, you may see improvement adding the airspeed semsor but on basic Easystar style aircraft I can't say ive ever noticed much change. Also The compass is very optional as the aircraft is moving forward.

    Go for one of the Ardupilot kits and that will include everything to automate an existing airradt.

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    B4 someone comes back with the proverbial, RTFM, I'll shoot  you a link.  It's all in the manual, here

    Read it and if you need to post some thoughts regarding the project in mind, folks will be happy to answer then.



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