I need advice on what airframe to choose for Aerial photography Octa.

It will be carrying about 2.5-3.5 KG payload of gear

What are your inputs on OCTA-V versus traditional OCTA (spider shape) ?

I haven't seen many OCTA-V projects, but one is impressing.

how does it behaves being a-symmetrical, compared to a symmetrical spider-OCTA ?

doesn't the V-octa have also a-symmetrical response ? (faster response on pitch than on roll, i.e.)

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With an OCTA you cannot carry 3.5 KG !!!!! That's too much and for that you need 16 motors.


that will probably be 3.5kg total weight, or almost.

say about 4kg total weight including frame and battery

what are your observations on OCTA-V versus regular OCTA ?

Ha oK sorry for my missunderstood.

I build an OCTA V


but i never flown with an traditionnal OCTA ;)

OCTA V (4 Kg) have inertie so you need to anticipate a lot when you control it.

Mine was 1 meter long. the YAW was a bit slowy due to the mass i think.

I fly last july with 2.0.42 and it was really cool, but i sell it now for a film compagnie.

Thanks for the videos, i know them :)

seems your props are smaller than 12", right ? maybe 10" ?

I'm looking for some good information on the difference between them... OCTA and OCTA V

Thanks !

you right 10'' with 12" the frame will be longer than 1 Meter

There is no secret !!!!!!!!!!

with the OCTA V you have a large sight for front camera !!!

and everything is above :) so naturally protected. good for expensive camera

what do you mean ?

mounting the camera above the frame ?

didn't think of that, but i think it still will have a much larger field of view when mounted underneath, even on OCTO V

you can see the camera is above and naturally protected.

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