This post has been up for 2 weeks now and I've got no response.

I first put this in ESC's and Motors, then "Pixhawk",  Am I doing something wrong?

Hoping someone can help. Took a month off from flying my Pixhawk 3DR Quad and now motors won't spin when I engage the throttle.

My quad is stock from 3DR. I re-calibrated my ESC's and only 1 motor turns. Performed the re-calibration again, now the 1 motor that worked doesn't, but the other 3 do. Ran the calibration and vice versa. huh?

Arming switch pressed during calibration.My SD card was reset and in. No alarms in Mission planner. Throttle pwm ok, trims set to center, no expo in radio. Current firmware reloaded. V3.2.1

All seems to be working except motors? 

Is this a Pixhawk issue or ESC's??

Any ideas?

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@David Strassman,

Have you provided data flash logs to help troubleshoot your issue?



Thanks for your reply.

 I was hoping this was an obvious issue experienced by another user.

Supplying logs will garner more responses to this post?


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