only 300m range with 3DR telemetry radios

Ok, runnning into a problem with the 3Dr radios.

I'm running firmware 1.9, a 1/2wl mono on the GS, and 1/4wl mono on the quad, both are at transmit power of 20 (100mw), both antennas are optimally placed and orientated but I cannot get more than 300m range, with clear line of sight. I've tried swapping antennas at both ends, and tried swapping radios on the aircraft - to no effect.

What's wrong? Shouldn't I be getting 2-3km with this set up?

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  • I have the 915 mhz 3DR radios and have the same problem. 300m would be the absolute max range with perfect LOS.

    I haven't had the need for long range as the copter hasn't really been flown outside 100m before this week. I must have had 10-15 "telemetry lost" warnings. Both radios have the latest firmware set up in MP.

  • I will have to spring for some new radios then...I'm using good antenna's both ends already. :-(
  • I had same issues.

    I found my answers here

    Read Andrew Tridgell's comments.

    My problem was faulty 3DR radios

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