Only one motor arming

I am having a little problem with my copter. I finally got it all put together, but for some reason only one of the motors arms. Its the rear motor. The others power on but they act like they are always getting a null signal. The other motors respond correctly if i put them on the pin that the one that is responding correctly is on. Does anyone have any idea why this might be happening?Thanks,Tommy

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  • I dont know if this helps, but i just tested the outputs with a multimeter and there are 2 outputs showing 2 volts and the other 2 are only showing .4 volts when usb is plugged in that is. Does that sound like i have screwed up my soldering? The odd thing to me is that only one of the motors arms.
  • Do the motors respond if you run the motor test through the CLI?
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    What are you using for the power distribution board?

    What version of the code are you using?


    You can test your board using the demo programs in the APM tutorial

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