Hello, i've ordered a Pixhawk from my local reseller.
Now i need a little help, because i'm really uncertain concerning the appropriate sensors.
For gpssignal, i've ordered a uBlox LEA-6H Modul without compass and for my 9x a 8ch ppm encoder. Is this correct?
Now i'm a little bit uncertain which sonar sensor is the best for this board.
I've found on the internet, that the MB1240 will be recommended for the APM 2.5 and i think this should be also right for the Pixhawk?
There is also a version with an I2C port available (i think it's the same sensor?). It is called MaxBotix I2CXL-MaxSonar®-EZ4™ MB1242. Does this version work with the Pixhawk?
Is it recommended to buy the MB1242, the MB1240 or something else?
Last question: is it possible to power the board with this ubec (i use 4mm Bullet-Connector instead of XT60, otherwise i have to change the connectors from the Pixhawk powersupply)?
Thanks a lot,

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Ok, I'm not an expert, but you really don't need sonar with the new firmware code on either APM, PX4 or PixHawk. The new code does an excellent job of holding alitude. Not to sure of reciever or ppm, I use a Spektrum satellite receiver on my PX4. As for power supply you can use a seperate BEC. On my PX4 it came with a seperate plug for power, which I solder to my 3DR power module. Hope this helps. Have fun and fly safe.

Thanks for your answer.

My experience with the Pixhawk: PPM encoder is necessary for 9x (as mentioned on the product page).

Soldering a bullet-connector to the power-module is possible, but the cables on the power-module are very short, so it's not easy to solder the plugs on the cable (the coverage must be on the cable, when soldering the plugs to the cable. Everyone who uses these connectors, knows what I mean).

Sonar with I2C won't work on the APM (correct me if I'm wrong) and at the moment, the Pixhawk-boards do not support any sonar modules and only the "3DR uBlox GPS with Compass Kit" (not the LEA-6H).

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