Hello all,

I'm thinking of using the following for an autopilot:

Arduino Mega connected to:

9 Degrees of Freedom - Razor IMU - AHRS compatible
Serial Servo Controller -> connected to at least 3 micro servos
Spektrum Reciever
65 Channel SUP500F 10Hz GPS Receiver with Smart Antenna
Ultrasonic Range Finder - Maxbotix LV-EZ1

The reason I haven't gone for an ardupilot or similar specialised UAV hardware is that I want maximum control and flexibility with the system (and potential for reuse in other projects).

Currently I am having difficulty finding the serial mode that the 9 Degrees of Freedom - Razor IMU - uses....I plan on using the hardware UART's on the Mega for both the GPS and the Razor module.

Therin lies another problem...that GPS looks to be LVTTL and the Mega seems to need TTL serial signals...what does this mean I need to do to make them compatible?

I'm hoping some of you can advise on these possible issues and point out any other compatability problems I might have....if you do see something, please suggest an alternative! Or indeed any improvements!

I also could do with some minature Pitot tubes for airspeed, but not sure where to find these.

Looking forward to hearing from you!


P.S. A search on Sparkfun will find all those components (I just didn't want to post links in case it contravened some user agreement)

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Pitot tubes and pressure sensors can be found in the DIYDrones store.
Are you going to be using the ArduPilot code? If so, you'll have to make many, many modifications. It's a big project.
No I wasn't planning on doing that Chris, I'm keen to work on my own AutoPilot Code that I'll implement on the Arduino Mega. Main thing I'm trying to do here is work out whether the above components I mention are going to be able to talk to each other.

(PS. thanks James, I'll take a look)
I'm not sure about that GPS, but the one bit on the list that seems unnecessary is the servo controller. The Arduino Mega PWM outputs control servos great all by themselves.
Oh yes, thanks for pointing that out Chris! I was going to get on to asking about it. So the Mega should have no problems with:
a) reading the output straight from the spektrum RC reciever (no intermediate electronics required) (I have analysed the waveform with an osciloscope)
b) outputing straight to my regular micro rc servos (not sure if they are digital or analogue) Presumably the Mega will just do the signal wire and I'll have to provide a separate ground and positive line (as the Mega won't be able to source enough current I assume)

Please correct/ advise as best you know!! Thanks for the comments so far :)
Yes on both, although you'll want to code carefully on A. The built-in pulseIn() is a resource hog. Check out the ArduPilot code and see how we do it with interrupts instead.

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