Pick a custom firmware missing from the list in MP.



I cannot seem to find the answer to my question on the existing posts therefore I open a new one.


I am trying to load a custom firmware (APM 2.6 , Arducopter)  in the latest mission planner which I downloaded today. When I click on “Pick custom firmware” I can see older version but just the one I need is not there . I need firmware V3.1.3 which has a hash of aefeb38b. Have a look at the picture.


According to release notes the firmware was released on 2014-04-07 but I cannot find it under http://firmware.diydrones.com/Copter/


Another question is how is hash calculated, what algorithm is used to calculate it, does not look like SHA or MD5 ?



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  • I had a newer version like 1.31 and the Custom and Beta Firmware options were visible but upgraded to 1.34 and they went away. Others mentioned the Advanced View on the Config/Tuning but I wasn't seeing that option. Its Layout option in Config/Tuning you need to change from Basic to Advanced.

  • Yes I can see in the relase notes that there is only one change from 3.1.3. to 3.1.5 to APM and its “Bug Fix to ignore roll and pitch inputs to loiter controller when in radio failsafe” so I will go ahead with 3.1.5.


    Is MP fetching binaries from firmware.diydrones.com/Copter/ ?


    As for the Git hash , it is quite long by the way, but in this case only its first 6 digits are being used/written together with the AC version.

    Thanks for quick help!


  • Hi Randy and thanks for a quick reply.


    I meant that I clicked “Pick previous firmware” and got a drop down list as on the picture. As you can see V3.1.3 is not there.


    What you are suggesting is “Load custom firmware” and for that I need a .hex file which I cannot find on the firmware page (http://firmware.diydrones.com/Copter/)

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      Ah, I missed that it was AC3.1.3 in particular that you wanted.  I think MichaelO needs to backup the version before we release so that step must have been missed as part of the AC3.1.3 roll-out.  I doubt we have the binary around anymore so it would need to be recreated.  The differences between AC3.1.3 and AC3.1.5 are quite small by the way especially for the APM2.x boards.

      It's a git hashtag by the way.  I'm not sure how those are created but it's probably on some git explanation page out there.

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    I think maybe you clicked on "Pick previous firmware" instead of "Load Custom firmware"?

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