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Since I didn't have a problem other than a little wobble when taking off in althold and loiter modes, I flew in a plan that I uploaded to mp in auto mode. It was a successful flight, but I think my pid values are still not very good. It wobbles a lot during sudden turns and stops. I would appreciate it if you could help me by looking at my log files.

2023-02-23 15-28-55.bin


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  • Hi RES - I took just a quick at the log. Two things popped up: Although your GPS horizon was great, the GPS diverges quite a bit as compared to the actual pattern you wanted. This will definitely cause wobble in loiter. In MP, load the log and click the little box for MAP .
    Also, the YAW PID is a mess - the FC is making almost no attempt to follow desired YAW - definitely would case various forms of instability! ROLL & PITCH look very good...
    Autotune YAW axis possibly?
    What octo? What FC?

    GL, John
    • First of all, thank you for your answer.
      Because of the gps on my Navio 2 autopilot card, what you say on the map is wrong. That's why I use the emlid m+ rtk data that I connected externally. I remember that I already selected use gps2 in my adjustments, please correct me if I'm wrong. I'm a little afraid to autotune the yaw axis. The reason is that in an unexpected situation during autotune, I may experience a serious crash. I also share the video of the flight, which I sent the frame im octo x bin file, in the link.
      I guess the big video doesn't open right away. I put your troubled moment as a short video
      • OK on RTK - I did notice the multiple GPS...I'll take a closer look. The yaw think is surprising, considering that roll and pitch rates are really good. It's almost like the FC wasn't even trying. Maybe just increase the gain on yaw and see what it looks like. I hear you re:autotune - it takes forever and getting a calm day to do it is tough.

        I'm running RTK on an 'experimental' F450 platform, using the Sparkfun as the drone GPS accepting corrections and the other as the base which has been surveyed. The RTCM link is on 915 MHz. Right now modifying this to pass NTRIP to the bird, eliminating the base unit. Fortunately, there is a state run NTRIP server only 3 miles away...

        Let us know if you find anything - you might want to post your questions and log to the Arducopter fourm at --- those guys are really helpful.
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