So my quad is flying reasonably well, but I need some help with PID tuning.  Is there a good post somewhere explaining how to go about adjusting the PID values to improve the stability of the quad?


See this video:


You can see the oscillations at about 9 seconds in.  I'm glad I was close to the ground because it surely would have crashed if I was up any higher.  Obviously there are some stability issues. 


I have the full electronics package including APM, IMU, mag, & GPS.  This was in stable mode running X configuration with the IMU pointing forward between the two front motors.  Total weight is 1075 grams.


Any suggestions regarding PID tuning would be appreciated.





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First start with acrobatic mode  , and first try I and D value 0. You can test on your hand after find unoscillated settings you could fly.  P is rate for the gyro values between motor corrections. If give 0 you have no gyro correction. You could start 3-4 for acro mode.

If yaw [ rudder ] doesn't have a problem with default do not change. [ i did not changed them ]


And if you record video do not prefer onboard. If we can see your quad it will be helpfull.




This is my PID´s:

As far as i know the YAW is not properly implemented.

We are waiting for the next release.


You can watch it on this video


Yaw IS implemented (it would not fly without that)


Kp Rate is the Stick authority (how strong it responds to your stick movements) afaik

did you change the code to use IMU pointing between arms? which code are you using?

Yes, code is changed for IMU pointing between arms.


I am using the ArduPirates NG code from their trunk location.


I lowered the P value in both pitch and roll and now it is just way to docile and lazy, but does not get into an uncontrolled oscillation, so some progress has been made.  I guess I'll just need to keep playing with it.



Thanks everyone. 


Lower the "P" value seems to be helping.  A good tutorial on setting these values would be helpful.




Hi Sebastian:

the yaw is working but  is slow to respond to stick movements!!!

I hope that will be solve with new code.


Have tried diferent values with Kp Rate?


...and what have you got?






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