PID tuning help??

So my quad is flying reasonably well, but I need some help with PID tuning.  Is there a good post somewhere explaining how to go about adjusting the PID values to improve the stability of the quad?


See this video:


You can see the oscillations at about 9 seconds in.  I'm glad I was close to the ground because it surely would have crashed if I was up any higher.  Obviously there are some stability issues. 


I have the full electronics package including APM, IMU, mag, & GPS.  This was in stable mode running X configuration with the IMU pointing forward between the two front motors.  Total weight is 1075 grams.


Any suggestions regarding PID tuning would be appreciated.





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  • Thanks everyone. 


    Lower the "P" value seems to be helping.  A good tutorial on setting these values would be helpful.




    This is my PID´s:


    As far as i know the YAW is not properly implemented.

    We are waiting for the next release.


    You can watch it on this video


  • First start with acrobatic mode  , and first try I and D value 0. You can test on your hand after find unoscillated settings you could fly.  P is rate for the gyro values between motor corrections. If give 0 you have no gyro correction. You could start 3-4 for acro mode.

    If yaw [ rudder ] doesn't have a problem with default do not change. [ i did not changed them ]


    And if you record video do not prefer onboard. If we can see your quad it will be helpfull.



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