I just got one of the new style pitot tubes with combined static & dynamic tubes.

I noticed that if I plug the four holes around the tube and plug the hole at the tip, that there is cross flow of air between the static & dynamic sections.

Is this normal?

I thought that the two parts were supposed to be sealed from each other.

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You are right, that shouldn't be. Wiggle the tubes, is there an insufficient solder joint maybe? The pitot tube goes strait thu. The static is the 4 holes on the outside. Or maybe they drilled to far and hit the inner tube. Should be drilled before assembling.

I received my airspeed sensor a few days ago and I had this same problem. There defiantly should not be any air path between the pitot and static lines.

I took the thing apart by warming the epoxy at the end with a paint stripper to see what the problem was.




The long internal pitot tube is pushed inside the end cap with no attempt to seal it and it is a very sloppy fit.



I simply sealed it up with epoxy in assembled again. Its a bit fiddly as the small static tube is very short and its difficult to keep its internal free of epoxy.



I either had one that was not assembled properly or, more likely, they are all made this way. Surely everyone would do a blow test before installation?


Nice tutorial!

I received mine 3 weeks ago, same problem as you and then a new replacement 1 week ago and guess what - same problem! None of the pitot tubes cant really work well without this mod right?

Im doing the same this weekend.



I informed the shop where I got it and he said he would ‘get back to the manufactures’. Its no surprise they are still not right.

It certainly would not be as accurate as it could be it has a leak.




The two pitot tubes I have had the same problem as described in this thread. Heat gun and epoxy solved it. I wonder how many people have had strange problems with their APMs without realizing that the pitot tube is faulty..


Same here - thank you for the heads up, Otherwise I would not have noted this defect

I also have the same crossflow leaky pitot tube problem and this is Jan 2013!!!  Hello 3DR Robotics/DIY Drones Store, I just bought this two weeks ago and this problem first surfaced in April 2012. Inexusable!

I received a third one just now and suprise - it has the same problem as the other two. The only and best fix is to epoxy it.



I have another fresh (spare) pitot tube, but I haven't inspected it yet.

The steps + photos posted by Leo Hogg seems to be the best way to go, be careful not to use too much glue.

I used the JB Weld epoxy for my pitot tube repair.

I must say that I'm quite surprised that this is an on going problem.

Id bet £50 that every one has this problem.

Vince (Leos dad)

Vince: I think your money is safe.

I just checked my 2 brand new never touched, (until just now), combined pitot tube spares, and...

They leak!  in fact one is so bad that I thought that I had tube ends mixed up!

If this is to be the way they are shipped assembled, then it's a fail.

They should just ship the combined pitot as a kit since we'all have to take them apart & build them again.

I think that I will post in the  Tech support forum.

The question on my mind, now, is :  Does anyone have one of these that doesn't leak?

I hope that's the case.   my first & last tube purchases were about six months apart.

I already posted in the tech support forum.

For me it is not much trouble to fix these myself.

I will send 3DR an e-mail just to be sure that they are aware.

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