Pixhawk 4 and EMAX BLHeli ESC

Hi All,I'm new to this hobby and l'm trying to build my first hexacopter based on an hobbyking s550 kit.https://www.hobbyking.com/mobile/viewproduct.asp?idproduct=76533The frame comes with EMAX BLheli 30Amps opto ESCs and I'm using a Pixhawk 4 autopilot.I cannot calibrate the ESC neither test the motors with Mission Planner, but they works fine with the ESC tester.I have seen many posts about this incompatibility issue and many different answers.Has someone the defenitive answer? Can they work togheter? And if yes which is the procedure?Thnaks!!!Andrea

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  • Hi,
    Can you guys help me, What ist the hobby king s550, I read it few times in the discussions here, was wondering about it.
  • I recently assembled a S500 quad with Pixhawk, and Emax 30A BLHeli firmware ESC. It took me a while to have all the 4 ESC calibrated using "All At Once " calibration. But when reducing the throttle to minimum, the motors on the right hand side (motor No. 1 and 4)  stop first before the other 2 motors. Log Analysis on Mission Planner has following warning :--

    Test : Motor balance = WARN -- Motor Channel averages = (1559, 1497, 1431, 1415)

                                                    Average motor output  = 1475

                                                    Difference between min and max motor average =144

    Not sure if it is due to my messing up with the programmable parameters during calibration, causing one ESC has some parameters  different  from the other (I also tried one by one calibration ). I don't have a Emax programming card and it is very difficult to enter program mode using transmitter.

    What firmware did your ESC flash with, SimonK or BLHeli ? If BL Heli, what are the problems ?

    Following is the link to the data flash log :-



    Gerardo Espino said:

    The 30a emax esc is a bag of problems. Maybe you wwill need another setup.

    2016-11-09 15-09-24.log
  • I have installed the 20a version without problems. The 4in1 from the iris too.
  • Thanks. Any suggestions on a good ESC 30A that works with Pixhawk 4? 

  • The 30a emax esc is a bag of problems. Maybe you wwill need another setup.

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