I'm helping someone install an analog airspeed sensor with the pixhawk, the wiki says:
The “airspeed” pin 15 is located on a 3 pin DF13 connector on the Pixhawk board.
This pin can take voltages up to 6.6V (it has an internal voltage divider).

The analog airspeed sensor does not have a DF13 connector, but instead a servo cable. So - the only way to connect the analog sensor is to butcher a DF13 cable and splice it to the servo cable? that seems odd! No way to connect the sensor to one of the normal servo style connectors on the pixhawk?

Thanks - any help would be appreciated. 

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its just like you said.  Although I found the analogue sensor to be nearly useless.

I've used analog air speed sensors on two different planes with Pixhawks. They work perfect. I sacrificed an I2C cable by cutting off the 4th pin. Then followed the instructions here: http://plane.ardupilot.com/wiki/airspeed/#analog_airspeed_sensor


as it turns out, my pito tube became clogged with some foam from the cover I made for it. Its better now, still not very accurate at low speeds, but at least usable.

Also using analog airspeed sensor on APM, sufficiently stable (to 1 or 2 km/h). Don't forget that on every startup it has to be covered and it will calibrate itself for "zero" wind speed.

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