I cannot seem to get into auto trim using the pixhawk.

Using the APM autotrim procedure, while holding the throttle down and to the right for 15 seconds the motors are disarmed.  So, how do you get into autotrim if the motors are disarmed?

The APM procedure and videos do not use the PIxhawk, so what lights are supposed to blink when in auto-trim?  

The APM procedure for arming the motors even states that the motors will disarm after 15 seconds.


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The basic steps is to set channel 7 or 8 to auto trim. Fly in alt hold and trim using your transmitter trims. Land and turn on and off your auto trim switch and then disarm. Set your trims on your transmitter to 0.

will thi work on pixhawk too?..i cant find autotrim feature on the drop down..or maybe i missed it ?

i had same problem too ;-) so i made in my WOD-GSC new trim process ;-)


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