Their docs at
say this
[QUOTE]The traditional way to control a servo only works as part of a mission (i.e. AUTO mode).[/QUOTE]

So, seems like you can't set a knob on your radio to control the servo for tilt mechanism?
Please tell me this is a joke and there is a way around this.

I just finished building a FPV build with this expensive controller to find I won't be able to tilt my cam. WTF?

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  • You may have a better look at the wiki...

    In the Gimball settings, Tilt is Output 9 (AUX1 of PixHawk), input 6 (RC6). And it works, unless you do not supply power to the servo rail AND forgot to set RC6 to None in the Advanced Parameters settings.


    • Ah a day saver right there, thank you!

      I'll be looking into that. At least I know it's possible now even if not exactly clear how :)

      I have provided power to the motor outputs since I use 4in1 ESC and it comes with bec to one of the motor connectors.

      Would be fine if I power the servo from the AUX OUTs, given that I have that power from the motor outs?

      I know that generally pixhawk shouldn't power servo from it's own power, but in this case we have 2 sources

      - 1 from the power module

       - 1 from the bec connected to the motor out

    • You can control it with a knob or stick for that matter.  if your mission requires the gimbal to point a certain way it will override your manual input.


      David R. Boulanger

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