• hello mike i was wondering how you attached the arduino nano to pixhawk so pixhawk and it can communicate because now i am using the uno board and sonar to opperate retractable landing gear , but it runs independant from pixhawk so i have no overide control with my radio thanks for your time looking forward to hearing back from you 

          Rodger Roth 

    • If you have a spare receiver channel dedicated to the Retracts, then you can just read the PWM signal into the Uno, decode it and act on a value. If you're using PPM like I am between the Receiver and Flight Controller, and want to get at one of the higher channel numbers, then what I did was hijack one of the spare gimbal outputs (PAN or YAW) I only use tilt and use the pan output on the APM for the retracts. Feed that PPM signal to the Uno.

  • Dear Mike,

    i am interested in adapting the distance lock mode. Could you give me some help where to start programming or even some code? I would appreciate that very much.

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    The current cheap LIDAR project on kick starter would probably be the best way, using real laser. Can't remember the name of the project but there were lots of posts about it here on diydrones.

    • Here is a link to a recent blog post. For the additional comments, see an earlier post here. Also here is another product, plus one more that was tested here. More related links on this page or this page.

      • MR60

        Thx John!

  • @Chandruth, Mike Henderson, et al,

    Great to see work on essential indoor applications of drones. If you haven't been there already, this page, plus this sub-term page and this sub-term page may save you some search time for ideas.

    • Thanks John. I am aware of the LiDAR project. 3DRrobotics seems to have a lot of interest on it. What I want to do is try and create close proximity collision avoidance as well as something like TCAS and Terrain collision avoidance for UAV's. I think Lasers are the way to go. Sonar just has too much noise, though I am intrigued by the PWM output method @Mike Henderson has used.

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    Gee, I don't remember that, but a quick look back on Jordi's YouTube page doesn't show it.

    Jordi's YouTube channel

    Jordi Muñoz
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    I'm working on an optical flow based obstacle avoidance mechanism. I'm using a linux board on the quad to do this. The linux + APM slave is a very solid combination :D

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