I've guys this is my first discussion here so first of hi to all 

I've a strange issue that make tho motor 3 and 4 (CW motors) very very hot

If I see the logs I can see that they in hovering output high pwm values than others. So I searched the web and I've found this guy with the same problem as my but the solution discovered didn't work for me (Adjusting the PID's).

I've made all this things to try to fix this problems but none of them has worked:

Calibrating accelerometer, compass

Motor/compass calibration

Swapped one motor

Changed one esc

I have used extra weights to improve CG balance

These are my quad specs:

Frame f450

Motors 4x sunnysky A2212 + 4x 1045 prop (balanced)

ESC 4x 30apm simonk

Pixhawk + ublox m6

Telemetry 3DR radio

Battery 5000mha 50c

3DR power module

I've attached some logs

This is an example of pwm output

Sorry for my bad english

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Have you tried the profile from your hand held transmitter then re binding the two?
Deleting the profile. Excuse me. For leaving that out

I've tried to held the copter in one hand but to get motor outputs leveled I had to rotate slowly CCW (to help CW motors)

are the propellers the same type/manufacturer/pitch ?

two of them are supposed to be "pushers" ( have opposite direction or rotation)

- are *all* mounted the same way ? (for example with text/size information "up") ?

and all rotate like : http://copter.ardupilot.com/wiki/connecting-the-escs-and-motors/  ?

we assume your hot motors are hot because of higher power(producing more thrust) - because you've tried to swap them, and eliminated bad motor widings/magnets, bearings etc.

The only way 2&3 (clockwise) rotating motors can produce more thrust while in hover with no yaw is:

1: if 1&4  performs very differently, (other propellers)

2 if 1 or 4 are mounted on a round arm, and are slightly "rotated" , so they are not pulling only up, but also creating a yaw that 2&3 needs to counter.

or in other words: if 1,2,3,4 consumed the same amount of power , had same props, and gave equal thrust, you would have a fine hover - if 2,3 actually works harder as it seems, - it should have yawed all the time, if the power/thrust was the same for all motors.

Thanks a lot, I sloved. The problem was a slightly rotated motor! :)

@Stefano Finocchiano. My quad same error, pls show me How.to fix it

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