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Reed Noel replied to Michael Walker's discussion APM 2.6 Schematic
"Dear  Richard (DK),
My APM2.8 burn AT32U, and usb cann't connect with Mission Planner.
But the link of schematic APM was remove from your link :
If you help if, please give me…"
Jan 6, 2019
Reed Noel replied to Dale Brown's discussion Panasonic NCR18650B 4S3P Tarot 680 Pro - Fail
"Hi Chris,
My hexa680 with sunnysky 3508, 380kv, esc spider 30A, propeller 1355, fc Pixhawk. 9tatal 3kgs include gimbal, cam)
I using lipo 4s 5400 can fly 5 minute.  when I using 4s 3p 18650 battery Samsung 30Q

Brand: Samsung SDI…"
May 10, 2018
Reed Noel replied to Dale Brown's discussion Panasonic NCR18650B 4S3P Tarot 680 Pro - Fail
"Me too, so I using 4s3p 18650 Samsung 30R, so ít ca't take off.
May 9, 2018
Reed Noel replied to Stefano Finocchiaro's discussion Pixhawk CW motors overheating problem
"@Stefano Finocchiano. My quad same error, pls show me How.to fix it"
Oct 17, 2017
Reed Noel replied to Diego Fdez.'s discussion Differences between APM, PX4, Pixhawk
"Dear Ariuna,
My pixhawk damage usb port and insize already had fw px4.io and just control with QgroundControl.
I reading on the STM32f4 ( st pages) i know how to upload bootload for it via FIDI232.
Now, I want to update firmwaer, that Pixhawk can…"
Aug 2, 2017
Reed Noel replied to Reed Noel's discussion Help. Pixhawk error after upload fw QGroundControl.
"I trying welding usb port, but can't connect with pc, try changing other port of PC and other cable.
Some body know, please help.
Reed Noel.https://youtu.be/l7z5fAAjzEo"
Jul 1, 2017
Reed Noel posted a discussion
After upload fw onto pixhawk with QGC. So QGC difficult with me, and I trying flashing fw from Mission Planner, but some thing error in Usb ( the pin of USP maybe not tight, when I keep my hand it can connect. But when my hand strong, Usb take out.…
Jul 1, 2017
Reed Noel posted a discussion
Dear all, My pixhawk maybe died after I upload firmware from Qgroundcontrol! now connect to usb cable happend the error ( connect external usb is same)1.pngCenter Led is off Led B/E on FMU blinking Led ATC on IO is…
Jun 25, 2017
Reed Noel replied to Omer's discussion WiFi Telemetry with Cheap ESP8266
"Dear all,
It work on my laptop and pixhawk.
Could you please give me solution with my laptop can connect with pixhawk and internet.
Thanks all."
Jun 21, 2017