Pixhawk DF13 problems


I try to remove power and i2c and buzzer connector without sucess.

Power socket braked

Buzzer socket braked

I2c socket brake from board

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  • 100KM

    My i2c connector has also just come off my (brand new) board. Even if one uses a tool, the same pulling force applies on the board.

    Is there any way to fix? The actual tracks came off - I can see very thin wires leading from the gap were the tracks were.

    Is there perhaps a spot somewhere on the board were I can access the i2c pins by soldering?

  • 3dr pls change your choice of socket and cables. DF13 really is horrible it's a waste of time of taking of and if it breaks its a waste of money.

    • I too agree. They should change it to a standard connector. It was horrible to pull some connection out and in.

  • When will 3DR get their act together BEFORE releasing kit  my first Pixhawk bricked and the leads were crap.The  replacement is  sitting in a draw until the firmware is sorted .Pixhawk was supposed to be user friendly, who wants to have to listen to bleeps and  try to remember what they mean.

    Ime sticking to A.P.M.   it might be at the limit of its scope, but it works. After paying £150  for a controller ime f****d if ime going to start etching boards, thats why i bought a complete unit.


    • John..you are right, its too late now, leads and connectors will stay this way for some time....how did your Pixhawk bricked??

      Usually with APM and Pix.. I use some kind of ground station(pc or mobile phone) so I do not need sound at all,but it is nice to be there....what other user friendly systems you referring to that can inform you about multiple status without some kind of monitor?

      Don't be so f word...Pixhawk works almost perfect, infect its so cutting edge, softwere and hardware wise that export outside USA and Canada is banned. How many people had problems? thousands of them shipped..also some never seen before, new features....

      • "its so cutting edge, softwere and hardware wise that export outside USA and Canada is banned."

        That's incorrect i live in England. The first one i had  at first refused to load firmware,(3DR said to try a different computer to load it)  after a lot of attempts on various m/c it loaded, when i  tried to progress through calibration it  locked up and emitted random bleeps.It then refused to communicate or reload .

        3DR  suggested i replace the memory card, this i did , still no go . It was returned to the supplier for replacement.With regard to how many people have had problems try Google search "pixhawk problems" and look at the forums.

        I have no doubt that when the P/H works it is great , but there are a lot of people who purchased it as more user friendly than the A.P.M , it is not and the connectors are crap.

        With regard to the above etched board why?, that could have been accomplished  by leaving an edge connector on the P/H. So we have a self contained unit that now require another interface  because the spec connectors are not up to the job. (watch 3DR video on how easy it is to remove plugs without tools)Even the supplier i purchased from  had broken several lead on their P/H.

        To get back to my main point this did not get released by 3DR  it has escaped from quality control.

        Pass the A.P.M.'S  iv'e got some a/c to build(god bless the auto tune developers;~) ) 

        • T3

          Were you one of the early adopters? I know they had some issues to start with but the more recent units haven't had as many problems, granted you can't get them outside of North America right now!

        • I guess you didn't read this


          I agree about connectors, check my other comments...and apm and pix was never easy anyway

          • Emin,  i stand corrected.!!! I had not read the post.

            The A.P.M  was not "easy"   as such  but by following the instructions it does work.

            It is not complicated but is very powerful ,just look at the full para list, being able to tweak 

            individual settings really refines the flight characteristics  giving better performance.

            When i first looked at it i did find it a bit daunting , but breaking it down into smaller chunks my brain could absorb it all came together, I will use the P/H  but i will wait for  the bugs to get sorted first, as i cant afford to waste £150.

  • I would bet it was the inpact they ripped the connectors out. Especially the GPS/compass.
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