I try to remove power and i2c and buzzer connector without sucess.

Power socket braked

Buzzer socket braked

I2c socket brake from board

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I believe that the DF13 connectors are made by Hirose which is a Japanese, not a Chinese company.

I have three Pixhawk and one PX4 and I have yet to damage a board connector while removing a mating cable.

To initially remove a DF13 mating connector, I always use a thin blade screwdriver to gently pry up the connector until I can get a thicker blade screwdriver between the mating connector and the board connector at which time the mating connector pops right out without damage to either the mating connector or the board connector.

I then use a hobby knife to cut the locking wedges off of the mating connector for easy removal of the mating connector from the board connector if the need should arise. I have yet to have a mating connector disconnect from a board connector with the removal of the locking wedges.

Good luck with the Naza.


TCIII ArduRover2 Developer

Info on how to disconnect the DF13 here http://copter.ardupilot.com/wiki/common-pixhawk-overview/#Connectin...

Using a spudger really helps
This method to remove a df13 connector as described in the wiki only works for the board where you have enough room around the connector itself.
This method just does not work for the GPS module, nor for the telemetry modules.
You have to use different size flat head screwdrivers to remove them. This is simply uncovenient and a pain.
I hope a clone version or a new version of poxhawk will get rid of these connectors.
In fact they are dangerous fir safety because as people tend to pull a lot on the wires, one wire can get broken or slightly disconnected without seeing it. It happened to me but fortunately this was on the OSD cable so nothing critical.
I know of a french pixhawk clone (drotek) that is coming out in a few weeks and replaces the DF13 by other more practical and safer connectors.

I think it may be a good idea to supply the spudger, as that works really well. I don't recommend using screwdriver has the metal is more likely to damage the plastic


I have yet to damage either the mating connector or the board connector using a thin blade screwdriver to carefully begin to widen the gap between the mating connector and the board connector, on the locking wedge side of the connector, and pop the two apart.

I have made it a habit to remove the locking wedges on the mating connector before even inserting the connector into its respective board connector. Then it is very easy to pull the mating connector out of the board connector by hand with minimal force. I have yet to have a modified mating connector disconnect from it respective board connector even during a rover rollover:-).


TCIII ArduRover2 Developer

@Xian06 Are you talking about this?

I trimmed a very thin slice of plastic off the locking tabs on the cable side of the connectors. Haven't had a struggle with them since. They still click and lock in place, but are removable with a fingernail between the Pixhawk and the side of the connector. 

I heartily agree about hoping they change these. These are absolutely the worst connectors I've ever worked with and I've worked with many. It would be one thing if they were stiff to get out but were made of stout material, but they are so soft that they literally crumble with hardly much force at all. Big mistake using these and as you point out, a safety issue.

These connectors are the very reason I haven`t bought a Pixhawk yet ^^

I hope 3DR comes up with a better solution before some Chinese clone company does... On the other hand, I would really appreciate a kickstarter using the same hardware but other connectors. Anyone?


You are lucky trace is still visible so I guess u can solder or SMD...I cant believe people still defending this stupid connectors...remember to cut of your fingernails before use method described on wiki since I already cut two wires like that and than go thru painful procedure of buy new exact one....I cant express myself how much I hate this connectors bcs that would not be polite....sorry 3DR we do not like them...period

Thank you very much Jiro...one would expect 3DR will sell them too,or point people to one......

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