Pixhawk + Dragonlink + DX8 = throttle failsafe issue


I'm trying to set a Pixhawk with dragonlink and Dx8 for adruplane. After connecting everything I realized the channels need to be remapped (Went to Full parameters list, then entered 3 for RCMAP pitch, 2 for roll, 1 for throttle and 4 for Yaw). 

And channels now corresponds correctly to switch movements. BUT failsafe doesn't work as it should, it works kind of inverted. When throttle stick position is in lowest 150% then I got normal control of servos & flight modes when in reality this should trigger the Failsafe. In any other position of the throttle stick on the DX8 then it stays in failsafe.

Anyone have set this combination (DX8, pixhawk, dragonlink) successfully?

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  • Hey I have exactly the same problem but with Dragonlink and a DX7s. failsafe seems to have reversed have you managed to find a way to fix this?
    • Hi Mauricio I also am thinking ppm encoder as i am shore it will work. i would really prefer to sort pixhawk out not having more points of failure added I Have been looking everywhere for info but can't find any I'm not sure whether to post to get the best results
    • HI Andrew,

      still have that problem. I'll try connecting pixhawk to DL receiver like conventional way, using PPM encoder and see what happens. Maybe should we post this somewhere else to get more replies? I'm pretty sure someone have solved this before, let me know

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