Hi everybody... a few days ago i had a crash with my quad. First i had a completely successful flight, 15 minutes with test of stab and alt hold modes working nicely, then i mounted the go pro gimbal, took off again and everything was working fine till i put the pos hold mode... there the quad immediately fell from the sky as if i had throttle at zero,and even with full throttle applied and stab mode  switched back in as soon as i could  didn't stop the fall and the subsequent crash...

Results are gimbal destroyed and a couple of props broken...

Unfotunately i forgot to hit the record button on the go pro, so no video of the crash...

Attached there's the flight log... need help to sort this out... what i notice is: bar alt starts dropping as soon as flight mode is changed (to pos hold), gps sats goes to zero right before that, therefore hdop goes high at the same time, accx,y and z seem to increase a little before that, but i can't judge if the values are way out of normal ranges or not...

I heard of go pro interfering with gps... is that possible? And why???

Thank you for any help!

My configuration:

HK predator 650 frame

4 x sunnysky V3508 580kv

4 x 30A afro esc

1355 CF props


3DR gps

3DR telemetry 433 mhz

Frsky X8R with telemetry

3DR power module

Frsky 40A smart port current/voltage sensor

Frsky gps sensor

Frsky FLVSS cell voltage sensor

Frsky Taranis radio

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Forgot to add that there was also an immersion rc 600mw with cloverleaf antenna transmitting the live video from the go pro...

your FLTMODE3=8  "8" is not a supported mode for Arducopter 3.1.5

PosHold - is mode 16.

OK, thank you for the hint... so this could have caused the crash? But if so, how is it possible that on mission planner it is actually possible to select this flight mode from the flight modes tab?


I do not use Mission Planner, (works poorly on Linux due to .NET lock-in)  , Using APM Planner, but if you can make it set an unsupported mode using simple GUI, (like a droplist)- that's a nasty bug.  - you should report it then.

Here, you can see in source - there is no mode 8 in an ArduCopter:


once - there might have been, maybe you have an very old mission planner ?

No... actually i also use APM planner and the latest version. I selected pos hold mode from the drop down list, but i cannot be sure about what it actually wrote in the software.

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