Pixhawk-lite vs PX4mini vs pixfalcon

Hi all,

Just wondering if anybody can help me decide on which small form factor pixhawk is the best in terms of cost/performance/usability.


Pixhawk lite




I like this form factor, the cover, and the price, but it's missing the ability to have the buzzer, which in my opinion is quite important. Manufacturing QA/QC may be an issue.





Price is great, not really sure what (if anything) is missing compared to the pixhawk. Also, kinda needs a cover to get it to stick down. Not sure who manufactures this guy.





Great form factor, great functions, reliable manufacturer, but very very pricey.

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      • Haha, they do come to life and reach out don't they?! 

        Hey, why mount your Pixfalcon upside down under your top plate?

    • Here's the type of frame I used http://www.ebay.com/ulk/itm/191662522359 and here is the type of mast I used http://www.ebay.com/ulk/itm/111589493470 please don't purchase from this place. They have sold me bad parts before and wanted me to more than it cost to ship back, my expense. But the picture was good. I put the Pixfalcon right in the little box in the center of the frame. Drilled out the center of the cage thing using a unibit. It was a little tricky but easy. The big mast nut is what secures it to the cage, there is no place to mount screws in each corner of the mast...it works well though. I also shortened the mast to about 3.75" be careful when cutting the mast, don't use pliers, it will ruin the mast. It's pretty solid.
      • ok great, thanks for the info. I was going to grab a mast like that, just wasn't sure it would hold up to crashes much.

    • Hey GadgetGeek, what kind of mast did you use? Since trees seem to reach out and grab my quad, I'm thinking I need something rather robust. Looking to put a Pixfalcon in my 250 here.

  • 'manufacturing QA/QC may be an issue'

    Actually, in my experience with that vendor, ever seeing your goods after payment (and never hearing from them again) may be an issue.


    • George - As the developer and OEM of the AUAV X2, I sure hope you are not referring to AUAV. QA, QC and support have never been a problem with our boards.

      • Yuri, I took offence to a comment in your "polite" inquire: "(If you actually planing to ship?)" So immediately refunded your payment. Scam or Joke? As I see it, you are now free to order any other controller you like.

      • I could see very active discussion between developers, and it may seem like great FC (I mean Pixracer), but when I try to get one - no response within a month after payment. When I just ask politely when I may expect this FC to be delivered, I got:  "Sorry for inconvenience, we sent your money back". Looks like either big joke or even scam.

      • The quote was from the OP, in reference to a Pixhawk-lite board from Goodluckbuy.com

        'Goodluckbuy', indeed.


  • What about this one:


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