Here's my issue, I am unable to get the flight mode to change with my spektrum dx8, on the radio calibration page I see that channel 5 is working properly with the gear switch and I have set up flight modes, but when I switch from different flight modes on the switch it will not change it in the APM planner app, this is also confirmed with my airplane, it does not change to stabilize from manual as I currently have it setup, it just stays on manual. The only way I can get it to change flight modes is going into Flight Data and changing the modes there in the software connected with the 3dr usb transmitter. This is confirmed with pixhawk armed and unarmed, it will not change flight modes, and I see that it is working under Initial Setup - Mandatory Setup - Flight Modes. I have also tried changed the switch from the Gear to a three position switch, it shows me in Flight Modes setup that it is working but it doesn't actually change the mode.


Spektrum DX8 connected to dragon link receiver using the ppm encoder

APM planner software 2.014, newest is 2.017 but kept crashing when trying to calibrate the pixhawk running OS X 10.10.1

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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For those of you who run into the same issue as I have. I switched over to Mission Planner running parallels and windows 7. I have not changed a single thing with my setup and now I am able to switch flight modes no problem with the spektrum radio f mode switch.

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