• Still not really getting great results out of my s900 w/pixhawk and neo-m8. Nowhere near the performance Marco has posted in his video... gone to pitch/roll rate P of 0.17 and rate D of 0.004, but still flies slightly unsteady, the gimbal is being shaken, and there's always a noticeable drop in altitude when flying forward, even with EKF enabled. It shakes more with the legs down than up.

        If someone else is using this setup successfully, please share your PIDs.

        • Look at my "drop of altitude" on S1000 (starts from 6:45). =)

          Btw, the param that corresponds motor spinning must be "Throttle minimum (THR_MIN)" in standart params. I have 130, but it's not enough for one of eight motors.

          • Have had similar - my conclusion was wind knocking the baro out and the system not realising it was falling. This is common for me. So much that I have a switch I hit if dropping begins that puts it into loiter and with the throttle set at just above mid this stops the descent.

            • I've experienced this before as well and could only correlate it to fast forward flight coupled with not even altitude to absorb the dip that occurs as the baro situates itself.

              I've read about people using better foam over the baro, does that combat this effect?

              • You can see the wind gust at around 8 seconds when the cameraman is blown forward.

          • Hi, my dji S1000 with pixhawk wont start up properly. 

            When I power it up all of the escs beep continuously and I can not initiate a esc calibration. how did you calibrate your escs and get your pixhawk communicating to the dji escs?


            • According to the Arducopter manual, DJI ESCs don't require calibration. My DJI S900 with Pixhawk flew fine without calibration.

          • Wow... What happened?

            Do you have any logs from this flight?

    • OK, yeah I just got mine out for a quick flight now. It has some wobbles with default PIDs but seemed to be stable enough to start flying and tuning once the wind dies down a bit here.

      One thing I notice is that the ESC PWM range isn't matched to what the Pixhawk is putting out. When I arm, the motors don't start till I give it some throttle. Which parameters do I change on the pixhawk to get it to output the range the DJI ESCs are expecting?


    • I haven't done an autotune. In this video I thrashed it a little to see if it was stable enough for the tuning. I think it is very stable. On Friday I flew in alt hold and it worked just fine and then I flew in loiter. Did an RTL and a short auto mission. Default values seem to be good enough. The reason I didn't do an autotune was because the wind wasn't good. Once it settles down I'll tune it and post the values.
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