• no, that would need the two packs to have exacly same change, and discharge profile. Mpt realistic over time.

    It would "work" - but precision would be bad. you could even register negative current when pack to the left had a little higher voltage than the one to the right.

    To solve it properly, you could replace the resistor shunt on the power module with one with about half the resistance of 5mOhm ,  (or add another 5mOhm in paralell) then compansate in calibration.

    Also, add copper on the GND plane of the power module to make it happy with that current, and solder wires close to the resistor on the positive side of the module.

    • Attopilot 180A and a SBEC.

      I'd rather go with tested and trusted hardware for $30 extra, then risk a whole bird.

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Aug 25