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I'm currently running my Pixhawk with the PX4 autopilot project firmware (found here: https://github.com/PX4/Firmware), also the firmware that is loaded through QGroundControl. I need to reverse the servo output for my ailerons, and I can't find the parameter to do so. Do other people use this firmware instead of the ArduPlane firmware? Does anyone know how to do reverse servos in this firmware? 

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You can do this on your transmitter or in the advanced parameter screen. Transmitter. Is the easiest.

The reversal is when I am trying to use FW mode or AUTO mode. The transmitter control is correct. 

For example, when I roll the plane left, then left aileron raises. 



I believe that the process goes like this:

In the Manual mode you use the transmitter to reverse any control surfaces that are not correctly responding to the joysticks inputs.

However, to the best of my knowledge, the check boxes in the MP Radio screen are for correcting control surface movement when in the Auto mode. This may also apply to the FBW modes also.



Thanks, I needed to change to ArduPlane to get this feature. However, now that I've changed to AruPilot the Servo Reversal function checkbox causes the servos to no longer work. For example, if the "servo reversal" checkbox is checked in APM Planner 2, and I uncheck it, whichever servo(s) I uncheck no longer function in any stabilized mode. 


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