Pixhawk Shuts down when elevator or Aileron is used


 I have a quad I have been building, and have an issue. I had a problem with pixhawk where every time I would use Ele or Ail (props off) for more than about 3 seconds, the whole thing just beeps and shuts down.I then have to re-arm (throttle stick down, left, not needing to re-push the button). I tried using the arducopter 3.3 forum and cannot get an answer, so I came here. I have since replaced both the power module/cable, and the pixhawk itself. Running no external accessories, and i am getting the exact same issue again! I have spent hours and hours trying to troubleshoot this and scoured the internet trying to find an answer. I don't understand what I am doing wrong here, or why this is so difficult. I have build many drones using NAZA, CC3d, ect and never had the issues or trouble with setup as I am the pixhawk. Can anyone shed some light as to whats going on here? 

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  • It appears correct that you have to be moving the craft in order for it to stay running. I ran it without props, moving the craft in the direction of my sticks and she ran without issue. Almost have my stand ready.
  • That's funny!!! Ive got an old unused Christmas tree stand that will work as a good base for it!
  • do NOT forget to use a cord to tie the 2 tubes together. I had a bud forget when he made his and it took off with the center pole still attached to the copter and made it impossible for him to land. It was like a pogo stick. Felt bad for him as he had to break a couple of props when it fell over, but it was damn funny to watch :)

    Basically it's just 2 pvc tubes, one fits inside the other so it can slide up and down simulating taking off.

  • Hey, long as it works!!
  • yah it's a tad small for my T960 too lol. Like I said I made it a few years ago when my biggest flying brick was a F550 :)

  • I'm going to have to construct something bigger, my quad is almost 1000mm.
  • That's a great idea! If you don't mind I'm going to copy that, and test it. I have constructed an engine test stand that measures torque in grams and watts/amps used as well. The engines checked good on that. At least with a stand I can see if it will do it dynamically as well. Thank you !!
  • I built a stand a few years ago to "air test" units without actually having them in the air :)

    just some PVC tubing and wood. Costs about 5 bucks to make and pays for itself on the 1st use since no chances of breaking even a prop :) Plus it's a lot safer.

  • Thank you for looking. Oddly enough, it did this same thing with the last PIX I had installed. I thought it was just a bad unit, so I replaced power lead, and unit itself.I am tempted to press on with final assy and fly in an open soft field and see what happens! It is either that, or a NAZA's going to replace it!!

  • I can't see anything that would suggest anything out of the normal. :(

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