Pixhawk Shuts down when elevator or Aileron is used


 I have a quad I have been building, and have an issue. I had a problem with pixhawk where every time I would use Ele or Ail (props off) for more than about 3 seconds, the whole thing just beeps and shuts down.I then have to re-arm (throttle stick down, left, not needing to re-push the button). I tried using the arducopter 3.3 forum and cannot get an answer, so I came here. I have since replaced both the power module/cable, and the pixhawk itself. Running no external accessories, and i am getting the exact same issue again! I have spent hours and hours trying to troubleshoot this and scoured the internet trying to find an answer. I don't understand what I am doing wrong here, or why this is so difficult. I have build many drones using NAZA, CC3d, ect and never had the issues or trouble with setup as I am the pixhawk. Can anyone shed some light as to whats going on here? 

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  • Do they show anything?

  • Here is the BIN file, when I try to Run the "analyze log" button,  it just ends up with "bad input file.

    1 12-31-1999 7-08-48 PM.bin

  • Thank you! I will download them this evening when I get off work.
  • Start here


    then upload the .bin or .log here and we can take a look see.

    Downloading and Analyzing Data Logs in Mission Planner — Copter documentation
  • I do not know how to read them. Yes, I'm not well versed in Pix. This is first time using one. I have read and read till I'm blue in face trying to figure this out. And I thank you in advance for your help.
  • What do the logs say?

  • Yes, this i understand and it does exactly that. In my case, I can have throttle to the wall, and just move the other stick over or up, down, and it wil shut down. I am using stock power hook-ups, (the cable with the chip, and wires that go to the pix.) And even using a BEC on the other rail (suppose to be a "backup") it will still do it. This is why I am about ready to just set it on fire!
  • unless you throttle up it will auto shut down after about 3 seconds. This is normal and is by design.

    Make sure you are throttling up at least 20% or else it will disarm after a few seconds even if you are messing with pitch and roll

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