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We believe that all teething problems encountered are now resolved and so we recommend people load Copter-3.3.4 which is available for all multicopters through the Mission Planner's (and other GCS's) Install Firmware screens.  Note that because regular Pixhawks are still on Copter-3.3.3 the install icon may show Copter-3.3.3 but rest assured, Copter-3.3.4 will be installed (you can check the version by looking at the very top of the Mission Planner).


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            • Yes, I would like to see this test paper, It is very funny why you can see and feel the difference when it is in the air. Their is some very good information posted by QuadMcfly where he did test on most all esc's and motors too and posted unbiased indept report.

              • Hm, its DEFINITELY not hype, I've enabled onshot125 and all I can say is WOW! Throttle control in Stab is night and day.... it was the first time in 3years I fly AC That I am able to hover at the same altitude for more than 15-20sec on the same throttle level in Stab.  And its the first time I can move horizontally at the same altitude in stab without constantly adjusting throttle level, maybe occasionally vs progressivelly with onshit125 disabled. 

                • I too at first thought it was esc sales hype and kept on flying with old junk until I got to feel the difference with a friend's FPV. Now I am a believer . The demands that have been put on esc's and motors by these guys has pushed the technology up a few steps. the old 33x processor will no longer handle the demands  needed for the little bullets,  you need a 39x based processor to get the performance . I am a believer too, it works . We can think the FPV Racers for this contribution to the hobby.

          • Yes sorry, It's not 50 hz, it was an old doc find on the net.

            ( )

            Yes It's seems to be 400 hz in the code

            Maybe, synced gyro with pid loop are a way too make arducopter more responsive?

            Scheduling Code to Run Intermittently — Dev documentation
            • Maybe ??

              So what comes ?? Is it or it isn't ?? Better try to do some math, and be sure.

              Also, look a few lines below to where I pointed.

              • To be sure that refresh rate is 400hz (gyro, pid, pwm output chained), some tests are needed.
                I have take a look in the code but thinks are not that much readable. Multi loops with multi call... A little study has to be done before tests.

                i'm convinced that arducopter needs optimisations on this side of code.
  • Hi Otto, I would first recalibrate my gyro/accel and try again. I have seen similar behavior in a gps + EKF tracking sport app. But please note im saying this with about no experience with EKF calibration for drones :(
    • Hi Marcell,

      Thanks for your answer.

      I will try it. This calibration ist difficult, because during calibrating, several messages (about missing GPS, which are not of interrest at this time) disturb/ interrupts the process. I had to restart many time.

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