I don't think that this fits in this category (Ardupilot designs and kits), but I couldn't find a better one...

Does anyone know of a place in Canada (or better, Toronto) that sells the kind of RC stuff that the Ardupilot needs? I've been looking everywhere for a place that has a good selection of stuff, but I haven't been able to find anything.



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I get basically everything off ebay, even IC's and SMD components these days.
The only thing which is rare on ebay is the FMA Co-Pilot, but this is anyway easyest to buy direct from FMA/revolectric.

Motors, props, airframes, servos, Tx/Rx gear, batteries and everything else I have is off ebay.
I bought alot of my R/C or FPV hardware from rctoys.com in Canada, and alot of it is transferrable to my UAV project.

The ArduPilot component sources are all listed under the ArduPilot blog. The main parts are from sparkfun and fmadirect, just as Noth666 pointed out.

(I was worried that the autopilot boards would run afoul at U.S. Customs or Canada Customs, but that has not been the case at all)
Any ideas where to buy a Multiplex Easy Star in Canada – I would like to purchase just the aircraft kit ($69). Thanks in advance.
Here's a good site...really fast delivery.

Great Hobbies in Edmonton and PEI.

Remember that your $ 69 bucks is US $ not loonies.
Hi guys this is my first post!
I'm italian and I can't find the FMA sensor here (FMA direct Sensor Module for CPD4).
I have 2 choices:

buy it in the U.S. or take another sensor.

Tell me what you think about it!

Thanks and sorry for my poor english :-)

does anybody knows where i can fint it in Europe ..extactly in Grecce??
For complementary robotic stuff in Canada, check out the RoboShop. Same for the US. Though no RC planes there...

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