I am going to order this motor from the DIY Drones' store


Now I saw the datasheet of this motor here http://stuff.storediydrones.com/A2836.pdf

where the motor is rated as it needs 40amp ESC but the DIY Drones store has only 20amp ESC which has the burst amp only till 25amps for 10sec..

The Store is even supplying this 20amp ESC with the same motors with ready kits. Why is it so...??

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  • ESC selection mainly depends on the weight of your quad and the prop size. My quad in medium size and it draws less than 16 amps at hover (4 amps per motor). What size of props are you going to use?

  • Other places have those motors listed at 20A @ 100% so using a 20A, 25A burst, will be ok but I would not go for it.

    I would rather go for the higher ESC.

    Having said that, you don't often keep your throttle at 100% for a long time (it'll be very far away) so even so, you'll be well below the limits. 

    As to why they are supplying it - no idea. It's within limits and I assume if they had lots of complaints, they would not do it.

  • someone please reply... :(

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