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Hello!I would like to build scaled down version of the Experimental Pond Racer.I believe it is a Swedish designed aircraft built and designed to win air races!At first glance it resembles a P-38 but much smaller.The Pond Racer is a twin engine aircraft, and im not sure how to wire that with the APM?I would like to utilize automatic flaps, ailerons, elevator, rudders, and variable power to each motor to help turn the aircraft.Im on my phone so I can't upload a pic, but try to google it?Please let me know what y'all think about the set up, and aircraft?Wingspan: 40"Length from center fuselage 25-30"

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  • I is not ideal for aeiral photagraphy, but it could be a cool FPV view.

    I really enjoy the off-beat out of the box designs, making it a UAV is more so a safty feature with FBW, or Stab.

    Dose anyone know how to program or wire twin engines with APM?

    Heres a pic of my version-features a "W" style wing as seen on a Corsair

    Pond Racer.pdf

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    This is/was a beautiful design, but there are several other Rutan platforms I have often considered more appropriate for a UAV.

    Twin engines that far ahead of the main pod would not seem ideal for anything involving cameras, etc., or am I wrong?

     But then again I may be making the mistake of assuming your project involves AP.


  • Yeah, they crashed the original one, idk due to engine power, since this will be a foamy and highly modded, im sure it will have great power!
  • The Pond Racer was designed by Burt Rutan. It was let down by it's engines; they didn't make the power anticipated.


  • Here are some pics




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