Possibility of using EzUHF LRS for telemetry and RC control?

Hello Everybody,

I am using on my UAVs the following for transmissions (I'm based in Europe):

  • RC Control: EzUHF (433MHz)
  • Telemetry (APM<=>GCS): Xbee (2.4GHz)
  • Video down link: ImmersionRC (5.8GHz)

I am looking into ways of "simplifying" the system with these objectives in mind:

  • One transmitter less on the UAV (For multicopters, it would be easier then to keep transmitters well separated)
  • mitigating interferences issues
  • Greatly improving telemetry range (comparing to Xbee system)
  • Freeing one frequency

After some research I found out that the EzUHF Rx from ImmersionRc is actually a transceiver (Here) which will made, from my understanding, the EzUHF system a full duplex long range link thus combining RC control and telemetry on one radio link. Unfortunately I didn't find how to implement this feature.

I wonder if somebody here already looked into it and manage to get it working

Thanks in advance for your answers

Kind Regards


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  • I don't think that the EzUHF 2 way link is implemented yet.

    I was looking for a similar solution and went the OpenLRS route with ULRS custom FW which allowed me to use a 1W Tx (possibly the real output power is more in the range of 400-500mW) module as receiver so I have a 1W RC Control link from TX to Plane and a 1W telemetry link back from the UAV to the TX via the same modules. Telemetry is passed through the serial interfaces so you can incorporate the data into the Taranis screens or - what I do - pass it via a BT module to your Flight Planner (e.g. Mission Planner).

    Have a look here: http://www.rcgroups.com/forums/showthread.php?t=2037442

  • Hey there,

    Sorry for this very late reply, I've been side-tracked on other things lately and at the end totally forgot to answer

    @ Matthew  the setting I am using for now might sound overkill (on the RC side) but using 5.8GHz, we managed to transmit video over 5 km (I'm using Immersion RC diversity receiver mounted with a SkewPlannar antenna and a 7 turn Helical) , it was not done in flight though, but from hill to hill with a totally clear line of sight. Thus I reckon, it should be possible to reach greater distance than 2-3 km from the UAV to the ground (as long as there's no obstacles on the way). Anyway, that's because I'm looking into overcoming the "weakness" of the 5.8 Ghz that I'd like to have RC control and telemetry on the same frequency, hence using the transceiver capability of the EzUHF system, therefore freeing the 2.4 Ghz frequency for video.

    There would be then "only" 2 frequencies in use, which simplify greatly the system I believe.

    @ Arshish: unfortunately I'm still trying to find out

    With Kind Regards


    • yeah, it's a real shame that you can't get stereo audio on the lower freq a/v transmitters to run telemetry. I'm looking at moving to 900mhz a/v (mono audio), 433mhz RC, and with APM 2.6 and the 3dr radios sufficiently off my RC freq, like 470 or something for telemetry. Sadly that means I'll be running three frequencies, but that's the only way I can figure to have both FPV and long range telemetry. Ideally the RC link would be full duplex and you could run telemetry on the backchannel. fingers crossed...!

    • Hi Alain,

      If you are actually able to pull this off request you to please post here. This one would be well worth the wait!


      • I definitely will!! 


  • Did you get this working?

  • sorry for late reply, but wow your 5.8G video link is going to be the weak link in your setup. Unless you have some wicked amazing ground station, you'll going to be limited to 2-3km max, which is well within the range of a lot of good 2.4g RC Tx's.

    How did it end up going? I'm looking at using exUHF for RC, HK 433mhz telemetry and 900mhz or similar for my video link, also because I need to punch through trees and things while having a clear picture at ~3km range.

  • This is really Interesting as it will make the wiring simpler...the receiver is a transceiver but what about the transmitter module ...I don't think it can receive anything.....or can we make the diversity receiver speak with the 433Mhz 3DR ground module and communicate on bands not used for control...

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