PPM channel mapping?

I have a 6 channel PPM receiver that I have connected to my pixhawk. I understand you can map channel 1 to 4 but I need to map channel 6 to 7.

I have no use for the options that come on channel 6 but channel 7 has auto tune and I need to trigger it.

Is there any way to map channels that are above channel 4?

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  • Not a problem. You can map channels around but you can't change the channels that Ardupilot wants to use for autotune or flight modes. IF you wan to use channels 6 and 7 for other things yes you can map them around.

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  • PPM is the wave or signal that comes from the tx to rx you would still map any channels threw your Radio in the channel mixer. think of it this way, you have a analog and a digital connection both accomplish the same thing but one is faster and more clear. 

    • No the problem is I only have a 6 channel transimtter so I cant map channel 6 to 7 through transmitter .

      • There is an outstanding item for RCMAP to be extended....  Have a look at the bug list and it should tell you what's its status is.

        • Thanks chris. I remember reading something about it some time ago.

  • Anyone?

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