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I would like to present my new UAV project based on the ATMEGA 1280 and Arduino language. On the autopilot there is the ATMEGA 1280, a 5V and 3.3V regulator, 4 low pass filters for the IMU, 4 connectors to motor/servos and connectors to the telemetry module. The RC - receiver is connected to one interrupt, this interupt reads the sum - signal from the receiver. I presented this autopilot as proposal last year here in this forum.


Name of the Aircraft: "Lerche 500" (Lark)
Wingspan: 490 mm
Take off weight: 250 Gramm
Control: Motor, Aileron, Pitch, Payload - Dropping

Motor: MFLY 180
Controller: Hype 6A (similar to Turnigy 6 Ampere)
Accumulator: 2 cells LiPo 800 mAh
Servo: 2 x Dymond D 47 + 1 x MC 10
Telemetry modul: Radiotronix 868 Mhz
RC - receiver: ACT sum - signal 35 MHz
IMU (Sparkfun modules): 2 x ADXRS610 + 1 x ADXL322
Camera: 380 lines, view upright, 2.4 GHz
GPS: 4 Hz
Autopilot: 30 x 40 mm based on ATMEGA 1280


On the fuselage there is the programming socket and the accumulator load socket. With the first button I can switch the electronic on (autopilot, telemetry, IMU, RC - receiver and GPS). The other button switchs the motor, servo motors and the wireless camera on. Now I work on the software. The basis in the vehicle is Arduino language and on the ground station I will use Borland C with OpenGL and GLUT library. The electronic block is embedded in a safety box, so I hope I can avoid to much damage during the "learning phase". And when all tests are sucessful, then I will use this set up and this aircraft on the competition www.IMAV2010.org in Braunschweig (Germany). We will see...


Best regards from the northern part of Germany






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  • Now with the flight video from the International Micro Air Vehicle Conference IMAV 2010


    Best regards
  • Now I performed the first flights, every thing works. I was flying automatically 4 turns, each 1 km. The dropping point will calculated by the flight altitude and the wind. The wind will updated permanently. Now I optimize all closed loop controller.

    Regards Tumba

    Wegpunkt= way point
    Abwurf= dropping location (in flight altitude)
    Ziel= target (on the ground)

  • w0w
    what funkmodul is for?
  • Very nice Tumba, if you could be so kind....what is the series and manufacturer of the connectors you used, also is did you create a custom board to hold the gryos and accelerometers..also why not 3 gryos? The workmanship of your airplane looks nice too.
  • 3D Robotics
    Nice work on the board layout! It looks like you basically reinvented ArduPilot Mega from scratch (including the code, GCS, etc). That's a lot of work....what were you trying to do that ArduPilot Mega doesn't do?
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