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Hi GroupDue to the down turn in the economy I find that I have plenty of spare time to devote to my UAS hobby. I am looking for some interesting aerial imaging projects (agriculture , archeology, land management) for the summer.I operate a small UAS with a military grade autopilot. It has visual and NIR imaging capability and resolutions of 4cm can be obtained. I would be happy to assist anybody free of charge here in California or for travel expenses out of state.RegardsC.

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  • I would love to know what model cameras you use for such good resolution, if you don't mind divulging the info...
  • great, I have several ideas in mind and am a hobbyist myself in california, Whereabouts?
  • I am also looking for this kind of autopilot in Europe CH or NL at a decent price
  • T3
    I'm in the market at the moment for a (non hobby) autopilot. Been looking at Kestrel, Piccolo & AP-04. Can you share what you are using and if its any good? (see my profile for an indication as to what it will be installed on)
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