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lionel commented on Daniel Jardine's blog post Tiny Thermal Cameras for drones...
"I am also interested, the specs of the project are as follow:
Height 50 ... 100m
Ground speed: 30 .. 50 km/h
Size of the objects: 100mm ... 300mm (ideally of course)

What would be the product for this?"
Jun 8, 2013
lionel commented on Alan Sanchez's blog post New Easy Star Accessory - Electronics Chassis
"That's great :-))
One of the platform I am using is a Twinstar II. Are there any electronic chassis for this bird ?
Aug 19, 2011
lionel commented on Gary Mortimer's blog post Triple redundancy autopilot three boards two GPS launched by Micropilot
"ot only you need to have a voting mechanism (another board) but you need to have N-Programming so that the same bug is not going to affect all boards at the same time but you also have to have, at a minimum, redundanct power and comms which means…"
Feb 17, 2011
lionel commented on Peter Koppendorfer's blog post FPV-UAV-KOPTER Meeting in Germany-Munich
"Sounds great :-)
Where is the list of approved material?"
Jan 21, 2011
lionel commented on Geoffrey L. Barrows's blog post Arduino Pro Mini optical flow sensor
"Definitvely great +++ I am very interested about these :-))"
Jan 10, 2011
lionel commented on Jordi Muñoz's blog post Help wanted for top secret project
"The gumstix seems fully compliant to the requirements
with discounts on quantity
Jan 2, 2011
lionel replied to lionel's discussion Requirements for flying a sUAV in Switzerland
"Thus, I finally found the information at Federal level:
It is quite friendly wrt the common sense.
Now, time to check the implementation/restrictions at Cantonal level
Dec 21, 2010
lionel replied to scott's discussion How to interface software with external hardware?
"There are some resources that may help you getting started from scratch here: http://www.practicalarduino.com/"
Dec 21, 2010
lionel posted a discussion
Hello, Sometime ago, someone posted a comment about redundancy and Ardupilot.I searched for relevant information about requirements to comply for havingthe right to fly a sUAV in Switzerland on the Federal Office of Civil Aviation's website…
Dec 19, 2010
lionel commented on Chris Anderson's blog post What airframes are you flying with APM?
"MPX Mentor"
Nov 27, 2010
lionel commented on Martin Mueller's blog post Adaptive control: wing drop and engine failure
"Really cool :-) can this be adapted to the APM. Without going to such extreme UAV reconfiguration in flight this can be very handy when one has to fly a payload which will change over the course of the flight"
Nov 27, 2010
lionel commented on Bill Porter's blog post Complete (hacked) setup for being able to load a Waypoint in the air.
"hey cool :-)"
Jul 16, 2010
lionel commented on Jeshua Lacock's blog post Shared Airspace
"On the other side of the atlantic, an ongoing collaboration between the European Defense Agency (EDA) and the European Space Agency (ESA). The first phase of the study, phase A is completed and the results were presented a the ESA/EDA workshop on…"
Jul 8, 2010
lionel commented on bigkahuna's blog post PC based autonomous boat
"hey looks cool :)"
Jul 7, 2010
lionel commented on Geoffrey L. Barrows's blog post User programmable sub-gram optical flow / vision sensor
"This is really great. Even if it weights 20 grams, I will be very interested in having an optical flow building block to be integrated into the UAV for collision avoidance or terrain following"
Jul 7, 2010
lionel posted a discussion
Hello,Following last thread about the iPhone as an autopilot + OSD + TC/TM, iFixit has performed a teardown of the device so that we know more about the electronics.The teardown is there: http://www.ifixit.com/Teardown/iPhone-4-Teardown/3130/1Good…
Jun 27, 2010