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What airframes are you flying with APM?

Here's what I'm flying with ArduPilotMega:

--EasyStar (default settings work fine)


--SuperStar EP (default settings work fine):


--Skyfun (default settings work fine)


--Skywalker (picture at top)
--And of course ArduCopter!

What airframes have you flown APM with? Any tips or changes needed?

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  • T3

    A380 crashed in auto mode after takeoff; it's now in a thousand pieces.

  • Hi Ron,

    What is the status of the A380... did it fly yet?
  • Reichard Proxima II electric glider

    I finally managed to fly with APM on Sunday. Here are some photos and a video of loitering. Well, it was flying a pattern which first looked like a figure 8 and then the olympic rings. Any idea why? Will check everything again and fly a real mission when I can.
    Preliminary conclusions: Manual mode is good, stabilize is very convincing, FBWA and FBWB work, loitering must be checked. PID parameters appear to be reasonable, no sudden movements.

    It was awesome to have the model fly with me hands off for the first time!


    The setup:
    Reichard Proxima II glider, 2,78 m wingspan.
    HS82MG AIL and FLAPS, HS65HB ELE and 9g cheap servo for RUD.
    Dymond AL3548 outrunner 630 watt, 900 Upm/V and 60A Dymond regulator.
    11,1 V 3300mAh LiPo battery
    13" x 6,5" folding propeller


    Futaba T8FG with RH6008HS RX
    Ch1: AIL with Y-cable
    Ch3: Motor
    Ch4: ELE
    Ch5: RUD
    Ch6: Flight mode control
    Ch7 and Ch8: Flaps, not connected to APM but directly to the RX.


    APM, IMU, Mediatek GPS MT3329, XBee 900MHz wire. Powered by a separate 1000mAh LiPo at 7,4 V (solder jumper removed).

    Portable PC ASUS Eee 1000H with XBee 900MHz&duck antenna and HappyKillmore's GCS (that I can't look at when I'm flying anyway).


    Next improvements to be done are:
    Connect the airspeed sensor.
    Find a better way to mount the APM and associates under the hood whilst maintaining access to buttons, connectors and view of LEDs (transparent hood, holes).
    Sort out the chaos of servo-cables in the fuselage.
    Variometer based on a high precision pressure sensor, I2C/SPI.

    Other issues:
    Flaps are controlled manually on two separate channels to slow down for landing. It would have been nice to have differential ailerons, but I understand it's a matter of priorities. None of the other mixes (e.g. butterfly) will work because of the y-cable so we might as well accept to live without them in the APM domain, for the time being.

    The model is quite beaten up, it has 55 hours of flying on it and a few crashes too. A brand new copy sits in the basement and will be used to build a perfect Proxima with APM when all tests and trials are completed. I will come back to you to discuss particular technical issues in the appropriate sections of the forum.

    Cheers from
    Parapendioper, Italy.

  • just flew the predator wooden version .. flies great ..
  • Just thought I'd add to this. Some great aircraft being put together, the shark looks as thou it'll fly for days!! Great job.

    I'm flight testing in a Skywalker, although wasting heaps of time tuning the HIL on the sim only to find out it means diddly squat in the feild, very frustrating. The project result will be a PC only controlled (USB - PPM - UHF LRS) 80" Cub tasked with FPV/AP. Long slow road but............stupid working for a living.......

    Congrats to the team on the APM 1.0 release as well as the guys producing the GCS software, really great results, thanks.



  • This is what I've been using. It's a 36" Scratch wing built out of 1/2 insulating foam.  So far it's been flying great with the APM and IMU.


  • F-27 Stryker. Still need to fly it, but default settings (eg Skyfun) look like they'll work ok (replaced a FY-20A with Ardupilot Mega)
  • @ManuelViriatoRamosVeloso

    Very nice work. Look forward to seeing it fly.
  • Thank you Ron.

    The fuselage is the part did not come from the shelf.

    It was design and made by me. Pure homemade piece.

    This domain may be for sale!
  • @ManuelViriatoRamosVeloso

    Where did your fuselage come from? Is it purchased or scratch built. Nice.
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