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Interested in Earth science and electronics and using one to help the other. I specialize in embedded systems that primarily make scientific measurement of water quality. I'm hoping to make measurements of water leaving reflectance and invert the results to make inferences about suspended and dissolved aqueous material dynamics. Ardupilot will get me there.


Bay Area, CA

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John commented on Sandro Benigno's photo
"Simply Breathtaking....."
Jul 28, 2010
John commented on Chris Anderson's blog post Tutorial: Programming your uBlox GPS module
"Chris,Although I bought from the DIYDrones store, I also noticed that the unit was in its default mode and it wasn't communicating with Ardupilot or ArduIMU. Is it possible it wasn't saved to EEPROM before it was disconnected? Its no big deal for me…"
Jul 3, 2010
John commented on Jose Julio's blog post ArduPilot Mega sensor shield testing report
Please read the recent response by Chris and see the thread here for components"
Mar 21, 2010
John commented on Jordi Muñoz's blog post ArduStation Assembly Instructions
"Any chance the board + LCD will go up for sale solo? I have all the parts needed except the boards"
Jul 18, 2009
John commented on Roy Stevens's blog post Ardupilot RF Interference?
"I'd like to say that although my first couple of boards (v1) from sparkfun were missing caps and one had damaged LED's, I have had limited success worth far more than the cost of ten of theses boards, and I am very impressed with the progress of…"
Jul 15, 2009
John commented on Chris Anderson's blog post DIY Drones updates
"Great work to all; this is really taking off, especially with the ease integrating airframe files whose diversity will hopefully grow with the project. Anybody have any tuned systems to share. Im making headway with my electristar and will share…"
Jun 19, 2009
John commented on Jordi Muñoz's blog post ArduPilot 2.2 Officially Released!
"This release is great, congrats guys. I especially appreciate the integration of airframe specific header/gain files, e.g. easystar. This approach should allow the easy integration of platform specific header files that can be contributed and…"
Jun 19, 2009
John posted a blog post
I want to power my ardupilot and attached xbee 900 pro separately from my Rx, due to the current drain imposed by telemetry and GPS. I have an 1800 mAh lipo 3s on board powering video so I figured to tap into there (although inefficient , I know)…
May 2, 2009
John commented on Reto's blog post Pan and tilt camera with basic headtracking and camera shutter based on Nunchuck, Arduino, and Xbee Pro 868
"Having trouble with pan_tilt.pde . Getting a NewSoftserial error. Any ideas?"
May 2, 2009
John left a comment for SLUGS Team
"Really great stuff, keep up the good work, Any ideas on coastal research applications once the you've got the plane operating smoothly and autonomously?"
Apr 17, 2009
John replied to Rory Paul's discussion Pro bono flying...
"great, I have several ideas in mind and am a hobbyist myself in california, Whereabouts?"
Apr 7, 2009
John commented on Reto's blog post Pan and tilt camera with basic headtracking and camera shutter based on Nunchuck, Arduino, and Xbee Pro 868
"Great, thanks for the "heads up""
Apr 2, 2009
John commented on John M. Smith's blog post New FPV / UAV startup.
"Are there any scientific avenues that may be permittable to government research counter parts? I would see this a a possible target and avenue. I would expect there are possible restrictions and guidelines applicable to unmanned surface vehicles yet…"
Mar 14, 2009
John commented on Brian's blog post Twin motor setup
"Has anyone used ardupilot in an EDF rig? How do EDF's generally compare in power to weight ratio vs similar prop aircraft? I would guess it could be lower, due to extra eight imparted by the fans and shroud? Should also depend on aircraft design,…"
Mar 11, 2009
John commented on Chris Anderson's blog post Using ArduPilot 2.x in the field
"Great! The wiring instructions are on this page"
Mar 10, 2009
John left a comment for Reto
Any progress on the filtered output on you headtracker?Im working on a similar project but cant get the i2c to update regularly,,,"
Mar 8, 2009