ArduPilot 2.2 Officially Released!

And it has big changes, including;-The support of the protocols Sirf III, NMEA and UBX.-Separated header file to easily setup multiple airframes (instructions inside the zip files).-Compatible only with ArduShield (battery voltage, pressure sensor and GPS auto shutdown).-And many more minor fixes.The new GroundStation 2 and ArduPilot 2.2.2 can be download from here:'t forget to read the user manual (in beta):ArduPilot ManualRemember: Is not easy but also not impossible! Enjoy Fellas!
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  • Ignore my questions above - I didn't see your post on how to configure the ublox. That explains what I needed to know.
  • Thanks for the new software - I just got a u-blox module and was going to start writing code to get it to work with ArduPilot, but you beat me to it!

    I just got a breakout board put together for the receiver, but I haven't got it to work with ArduPilot yet. Do I need to reconfigure the module before it will connect properly? It seems like the default baudrate for the module is 9600, vs 38400 in the AP code, and the output is ASCII.
  • This release is great, congrats guys. I especially appreciate the integration of airframe specific header/gain files, e.g. easystar. This approach should allow the easy integration of platform specific header files that can be contributed and swapped among the community. I noticed the blanked out call to a funjet header file in the main ardupilot code. Is that header file available? Im sure most of getting the right gains is common sense and trial and error but Im still stumped on how to program the ardupilot to do elevon mixing? Whats the trick?
  • Clarification - the FMA Z and XY heads are patented (I can hear the grumbling) and the new heads Jordi referred to being made are in cooperation with me, and FMA is getting their royalty per my agreement with them. Chris A got a great price on thermopiles, so even with FMA royalty the price to the Ardu users should be no worse than the FMA retail price, perhaps a bit less.
  • Can you share any info on how things are going regarding the Remzibiosd ?
  • Did you copy the header file into its correct location?
  • Great work Jordi
  • Developer
    You are welcome everybody!


    Yes we are making our own IR's sensors. The parts are somewhere in the mail right now...
  • I couldn't help but notice that when you mentioned the out of stock Z sensor, you said that you'd have them back mid june.

    Could this mean that you guys are making your own version of the Z sensor?
  • Thanks Jordi, Chris, and others who worked on this excellent code! Countless hours of hard work must have gone in to it to make it work for the rest of us.

    If anyone manages to put together a plain flow chart, please post it.
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