Ardupilot cooked

I want to power my ardupilot and attached xbee 900 pro separately from my Rx, due to the current drain imposed by telemetry and GPS. I have an 1800 mAh lipo 3s on board powering video so I figured to tap into there (although inefficient , I know) instead of adding another low voltage battery to the rig .So, I soldered the batt jumper on the ardupilot board, made a deans to header cable and thought I was OK to go. But when applied to the battery terminal, an instant fire ensued (picture attached)! I figured it was a short, but turned out not to be. Input V too high?It can take up to 15V, so I'm told, but haven't seen/heard of anyone taking it up past ~7 V. Id like to grab the data sheet anyway. The voltage reg is imprinted with 'k850', but I have yet to find a sheet based on this info alone. Has anyone used a 3 cell? Any info would help. Im fairly sure I did not make a rookie mistake here but at the same time, im not suggesting a design or production flaw. Just want to make this work without toasting another board.

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  • Arduino Duemilanove takes my 3cell lipo without problem, but I didn't try out on my ArduPilot boards. And after looking at the picture of your board, I'm not much inclined to try out right now...
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